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Hexaco Personality Traits And Job Seekers’ Networking Behavior: The Effect Of Network Size

Loại bài báo: 
Volume 7, Issue 12, December 2020, Pages 545-553
Tóm tắt: 

Although networking behavior is an effective job search method to students, far too little attention has been paid to mechanisms explaining the antecedents and networking behavior. The goal of this study was to demonstrate the effect of the HEXACO personality dimensions on graduated students’ job search networking behavior through their network size. A survey of 773 participants was conducted to assess personality traits, network size, and networking behavior. All constructs in the study were measured by 5-point Likert scales. This study employed a structural equation model to examine the proposed conceptual model and the correlations among variables. Results showed that the personality of emotionality negatively influence students’ network size, while extraversion and agreeableness are positively associated with the scope of their social network. Second, the findings confirmed that network size is directly related to the level of looking-for job behavior, particularly networking behavior. Finally, our results explored that network size played the mediating effect on how personality traits affect networking behavior. These findings suggest that network size is a dynamic mechanism that helps to understand the correlation between personality traits and job search networking behavior. The theoretical and practical implication of the study, as well as the future research direction were discussed.