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The relations between dry port characteristics and regional port-hinterland settings: findings for a global sample of dry ports

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This paper aims at defining generic characteristics of dry ports by carrying out an analysis using a large sample of dry ports from around the
world. The dataset includes details on 107 inland terminals worldwide.
All dry ports in the database have been selected from studies in the
extant literature before being shortlisted to fit our research scope. Data
collected include terminologies used, actors driving the development,
terminal throughput, total area, services provided and the relation with
the corresponding seaport(s). Using statistical analysis, the paper examines how dry port parameters are influenced by (1) a different terminal
set up, like sea-driven and land-driven development, developed and
developing system, dry port functions; (2) specifications of the seaport
with which the dry port is connected, i.e. seaport traffic, connectivity,
utilization, etc. and (3) the transport leg linking dry ports and seaports.
The findings could be applied to the planning and development of
inland nodes from the perspectives of different stakeholders.