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Kỷ yếu hội nghị quốc tế

Exponential Stability of Non-Autonomous Neural Networks with Heterogeneous Time-Varying Delays and Destabilizing Impulses

Microstructure and Pitting Corrosion Behavior of Plasma-Sprayed Fe-Si Nanocomposite Coating

Investigations of Local Corrosion Behavior of Plasma-Sprayed FeCr Nanocomposite Coating by SECM

Investigation of Phase Transformation Mechanism of High Manganese Steel Mn15Cr2 Heat-treated by Subzero Temperature Process

Phase Transformation During Heat Treatment of Cu-15Ni-8Sn Alloy

Influence of Intermediating the Heat Treatment on Microstructures and Properties of High Manganese Steel Mn15Cr2V


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