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Parameter estimator integrated-sliding mode control of dual arm robots

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pp 2754-2763
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This paper presents the parameter estimator-integrated sliding mode control of dual arm robots. To do so, a robust adaptive controller is designed for 3D cooperative motion of dual-arm robots based on the frame of second-order sliding mode control (SOSMC). Additionally, the method of the model-reference adaptive control (MRAC) is also utilized for constituting an adaptation mechanism then integrating it into the control loop to estimate the unknown robot parameters. By doing so, the proposed controller is robust with disturbances and parametric uncertainties. Furthermore, the adaptive behavior is also achieved in which the control system does not need the information of many system parameters. Finally, the applicability and feasibility of the proposed controller is presented through a 4 four degree-of-freedoms (DOFs) dual-arm manipulator.

Keywords: Dual-arm manipulator model-reference adaptive system parameter estimation sliding mode control